Cremation Services

Faithful Friends Pet Crematory brings to the Otsego County area a state-of-the-art cremation facility. The cremation unit houses three individual chambers, all bricked separately in order to insure that if you choose private cremation for your pet, the ashes returned to you will be your pet's alone.


There will be dignified transfer of your pet to Faithful Friends by your veterinary clinic, or you and your family members may privately bring your pet to our facility. Faithful Friends Pet Crematory is able to accommodate pets weighing up to 175 pounds.


Having options of communal or private cremation of your pet will allow you to decide which best suits your needs. A signed Authorization for Cremation of your pet will be required, indicating the method of either Communal Cremation or Private Cremation as the final disposition.




Communal Cremation allows for the cremation of several pets in a chamber at one time, without provision for keeping pets separated.  This process allows for the co-mingling of

cremated remains.



  •     Cremated remains are not returned to the             client and are disposed of in a non-recoverable     manner.


  •     No Cremation Certificate is issued.







Communal Cremation

Private Cremation




Private Cremation allows for only one pet at a time in a cremation chamber, with the cremated remains returned to the client.


  •    A stainless steel identification tag is assigned to your      pet upon arrival at the crematory and is used as a          tracking method throughout the cremation process,  which includes its placement in the cremation chamber prior to the actual cremation process and throughout the recovery stages as well.


  •    Private Cremation includes the choice of four                containers:  (1) a plain cardboard container; or,            for those who wish to choose something more                  distinctive for their pet, (2) a decorative metal pet          urn with paw prints,  (3) a rosewood pet urn with      detailed carved top, or (4) a tall square brown and  gold metal urn.


  •    The Cremation Certificate issued contains a raised        seal and emblem unique to the Faithful Friends Pet      Crematory


  •    Paw print impressions and/or fur clippings are              available upon request.


  •    Private time in our quiet room for saying goodbye is      available by appointment.