November 2020 Pet Holidays

In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving in November. We are also reminded that some of the best pets are seniors and that we need to show some love to animal shelter workers.

  • Pet Diabetes Month

  • National Senior Pet Month

  • Adopt a Senior Pet Month

  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month (AVMA)

  • Nov. 1: National Cook for Your Pets Day

  • Nov. 2–6: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

  • Nov. 7: National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

  • Nov. 12: Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

  • Nov. 17: National Take a Hike Day; National Black Cat Day*

  • Nov. 26: Thanksgiving (U.S.); National Dog Show Broadcast (Kennel Club of Philadelphia)

December 2020 Pet Holidays

There are many holidays in December for humans, but not so much for the pets. Of course, our pets are just as spoiled as we are when it comes to those Hanukkah or Christmas gifts.

  • National Cat Lovers’ Month

  • Dec. 2: National Mutt Day (again)

  • Dec. 10–18: Hanukkah

  • Dec. 13: National Horse Day

  • Dec. 15: National Cat Herder’s Day

  • Dec. 25: Christmas

  • Dec. 26: Kwanzaa

  • Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve